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Daddy's Little Girl print by Jean Monti
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Daddy's Little Girl By Jean Monti This beach scene, the follow-up to Monti's Always There, foreshadows another highlight in the life of this pair: the Father/Daughter dance at her wedding. The warmth of the afternoon sun is equal to the warmth of the bond between the two. That wedding day seems as distant from this timeless summer moment as the snows of winter. But just as the pair's reflection will mirror their every move, all too soon daddy's little girl will become a woman, and that far off dance will come to be for this father and daughter.
"I wanted this painting to portray that emotional connection that exists for all fathers and daughters," says Jean of her latest release.
"I see how my daughter looks to my husband for love, security and guidance. She completely adores him. He is her hero just as my father was mine. On my wedding day, I remember seeing my father's eyes filling with tears as he walked me down the aisle. I started walking at a quicker pace. As he whispered to me, 'slow down, 'I realized he was actually treasuring the moment'."
-- Jean Monti
Limited Edition printed on Archival Material for preservation.
Signed and Numbered by the artist.

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