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Always There By Jean Monti “Of the many paintings I’ve created, Always There holds the deepest meaning for me,” says Jean. “Our son had been diagnosed with a serious disease and my husband and I went through a period of great uncertainty. One day we went to the beach and I watched as my husband wrapped our son in his arms and walked out on the rocks by the shore. I saw so much love between them; so much hope in the ties that bind father and son.” We’re pleased to report that Jean’s little boy is fine today. Jean also tells us that this special moment in time changed not only her painting, but also her life. “The scene inspired me to put more emotion into each new painting I do and it also matured me as an artist. In that one moment I was reminded that the most important thing in life is love. I hope this painting can be an inspiration for others to hug and love their children everyday.” Published from the artist’s original oil painting. Edition size = 550 All images are copyright © 2003 The Greenwich Workshop. All rights reserved.
Limited Edition printed on Archival Material for preservation.
Signed and Numbered by the artist.

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