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Olaf Wieghorst was born in Jutland, Denmark, in 1899. As a Child he developed a passion for horses and tales of the American West. When he was not reading "Buffalo Bill" or "Texas Jack" dime novels, he would often make a lasso out of a clothesline and ride any available horse around the backyard of his home roping pigs, chickens, ducks and anything else that moved. He discovered the joy of drawing, and his favorite subjects were the bucking horses in the wild west shows touring Europe. Encouraged by his father he took up oil painting. At first Olaf painted scenes from Postcards, adding an occasional horse for interest. It was a proud event for the entire family when Olaf sold his first painting for 40 American cents.

In 1968 Olaf Wieghorst completed what was to become one of the most famous paintings in western art history. The "Navajo Madonna", pictured small on the left, was a quietly reverent work that embodied the artist's deep love for the old west and its peoples. Today this painting is considered a classic of the genre, and recently sold for a record $ 450,000.00. The Navajo Madonna was also published as a limited edition lithograph in 1972 and, like the original, it became a classic in its own right, sought and prized by collectors of western art; Today this Lithograph sells for up to $ 12,000.00

In 1974, when Olaf was 75 years old, Dean Krakel, Director of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, asked Olaf if the Cowboy hall could put on a one-man retrospective show for him. The Cowboy Hall, located in Oklahoma City, houses the works of the likes of Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, Thomas Moran, Nicholai Fechin, Albert Bierstadt and George Catlin.  Never before had a retrospective exhibition been given for a living Artist.

Superstition Mountain Arizona. Olaf wrote: " Some years ago I collaborated with my Son Roy in doing a documentary film of my life as an Artist. We went over into Arizona to Superstition Mountain and picked out a particular location. The documentary shows by time lapse photography how this painting was made." PARTNERS, Oil on Canvas 28 x 38 inches.

"In my Cowboy days in New Mexico I have experienced some pretty lonesome days, especially up around the Mogollon Mountains." LONESOME TRAIL, oil on canvas 20 x 24 inches.




"From the opening of the American West until this present day, artists have sought to capture the rugged beauty, the drama and the romance of this unique part of our national heritage. None have been more successful then Olaf Wieghorst."

Ronald Reagan

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Our Gallery is fortunate to have acquired a large collection of Olaf's work, including one of the very rare pieces of the Navajo Madonna, as well as the second piece is the series called "The Navajo". For more information and availability of all the pieces call toll free (888) 399-2949