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scarlett.jpg (26728 bytes)Whether you are a devotee of the film or book, or a long standing Vivien Leigh fan, Scarlett O'Hara will come alive as never before in this series of limited edition prints on paper and canvas. Scarlett O'Hara: fragile, genteel and sublimely feminine. Scarlett O'Hara: spirited, passionate, strong and independent. This is Scarlett - inspired by her most memorable scenes, her most opulent fashions, her most poignant moods!

This is the first of 4 images in a series entitled:

Jeffrey Barson,Painter of Classic Beauty.barson.jpg (13206 bytes)

Jeffrey Barson's paintings of women are passionate, sensual and exquisite. They are a natural extension of his love of the human form coupled with his extensive knowledge of art history and classical literature. Every Barson painting is powerful, exquisitely executed, emotional and richly metaphoric while always showing a dynamic understanding of the female form.

Barson was born in Logan, Utah, in 1966. At the age of nine, his family moved to England where Barson attended Beechwood Park Preparatory School. Over the next years, Barson traveled extensively throughout Europe and was exposed to its great museums and fine artistic legacy. He credits his early interests in Art and Literature to this move which provided an excellent education and inspiration for the creative young Barson.

Barsons paintings have hung in galleries in New York,  Boston and Los Angeles. His limited edition prints are distributed nationally and have met with great enthusiasm from the press and public. U.S. Art Magazine named him one of six artists that will change the limited edition print market.

princdi.jpg (9998 bytes)A good example this artists realistic and intriguing talent is this rendition of Princess Diana. He has captivated her elegance and beauty for generations to remember.

16" x 20"                                                                                       

1997 Signed and numbered.

Also 95 signed and numbered Master Graphics on Canvas.