Evening Frost. The dropping evening temperature has turned the moist air into a frosty white wonderland, with every surface sparkling in the moons bright beams. The covered bridge, with lanterns hanging at both ends, guide horse and sleigh safely across its slippery surface. Listen can you hear the jingle of the bell harness in the still night? The large Christmas tree will soon be delivered to the nearby church, then gaily decorated for the coming season's celebrations. Rarely does Terry Redlin create a painting without some hint of surrounding wildlife, and this beautiful image is no exception. Careful observers will note a deserted bird's nest clinging to the inside roof of the bridge. A few months ago swallows called this home as they gracefully swooped about during their summertime frolics.

Canvas Encore Editions:

For the first time, four Classic Redlin images are available in Encore Canvas editions. These Images have been produced with the same quality materials and Workmanship as canvas editions of the artists limited edition works and promise great value to the discriminating collector. Encore canvas editions confirm the merits of this Artist's unique talents and make beautiful statements in every home or office.

Backwoods Cabin

The Birch line

Peaceful Evening

Welcome to Paradise

All Encore Canvas editions are issued in open edition, sequentially numbered.

Image Size: 14 x 24;unframed.

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