Steve Hanks            

Named 3rd Most popular Artist! (U.S. Art, March 1999)

Steve Hanks Whose paintings sensitively portray woman and children, spent his childhood on the coast of California. His inspiration to paint developed in his late teens, after his family moved from Ventura County to New Mexico. Away from the Ocean and his friends, Steve found comfort in drawing and painting. Hanks entered the university of California at Berkeley in the 1960's. Later he attended the academy of art in San Francisco, and graduated from the college of arts and crafts in Oakland.

In June 1998, he was featured Artist at the prestigious Gilcrease museum in Tulsa with a display of more than 40 Originals. Today, Steve Hanks continues to paint numerous, beautiful works that reflect a mastery of form and an intricate involvement with light. Highly detailed and realistic, his watercolors urge the viewer to become part of the creative process. Hanks currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Steve Hanks, New releases

"Candle in the Wind"

An angelic trio that heralds the magic of childhood. "Candle in the wind" is the latest release from Master Artist Steve Hanks, just in time for collectors of his angel images. It is guaranteed to be a sellout, just like his previous Angel images, which have appreaciated considerably in their collectors value.


Beyond the Path

From her lofty vantage point the young woman gazes over a rocky coastline and out to the distant horizon. A path invites her forward. She begins the journey to the sunlit beach below with one tentative step. This beautiful image is Steve Hanks at his thoughtful best, suggesting a whole world of possibilities. What is this solitary object thinking? What is she feeling on this warm summer day? What mysteries, what unknown opportunities lie just beyond the path? The artists poses these questions, then leaves the elusive answer to the viewer. 



Where the Healing Begins.

In the shimmering sunlight, in the beauty of this place the young woman lounges immersed in the mystery of her own thoughts. We do not know the subject of her quiet contemplation, but can be assured in this idyllic setting, in the arms of nature's healing power, personal challenges will be reduced to manageable size. We note the Artist has symbolically placed a number of young, newly acquired potted plants on the table behind the thoughtful Woman. They await replanting in the rich soil below, to receive nourishment, to take root and to grow and prosper.




In the Eyes of the Innocent.

Some moments in the day carry the power of pure magic. They are fractions of a lifetime, momentarily glimpsed, then held closely for one brief, luxurious instant. 

They are times when all our yesterdays and all of our tomorrows become one with the ephemeral now. Two such moments are brilliantly rendered by master artist Steve Hanks, who paints with a sense of wonder, the intense joy of mother and baby and an adventuresome child in a majestic landscape. 

"In my art I consciously seek to celebrate the world around me. It is the message of rebirth, hope and beauty to all who choose to see and feel its power".



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