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Anonymous 1876 Art Gallery (Engraving) print
Anonymous 1876 Main Building (Engraving) print
John Femeley A Floorer Pick up the Pieces (Engraving) print
1876 Art Gallery (Engraving)
by Anonymous
1876 Main Building (Engraving)
by Anonymous
A Floorer Pick up the Pieces (Engraving)
by John Femeley
Hirst G. Walker A Gossip by the Way (Engraving) print
Thomas C. Dibdin Abbeyville (Engraving) print
Anonymous Abe Lincoln (Engraving) print
A Gossip by the Way (Engraving)
by Hirst G. Walker
Abbeyville (Engraving)
by Thomas C. Dibdin
Abe Lincoln (Engraving)
by Anonymous
Anonymous Andrew Jackson (Engraving) print
Franz L. Catel Ann Hathaway's Cottage (Engraving) print
P. Bessa Apricots (Engraving) print
Andrew Jackson (Engraving)
by Anonymous
Ann Hathaway's Cottage (Engraving)
by Franz L. Catel
Apricots (Engraving)
by P. Bessa
William Hamilton April (Engraving) print
Anonymous Aquatic Theatre (Engraving) print
Prideaux J. Selby Arctic Skua (Engraving) print
April (Engraving)
by William Hamilton
Aquatic Theatre (Engraving)
by Anonymous
Arctic Skua (Engraving)
by Prideaux J. Selby
Franz L. Catel Ardea (Engraving) print
Michael A. Hayes Arrival at Waterford (Engraving) print
M.A. Hayes Arriving at the End of a Stage (Engraving) print
Ardea (Engraving)
by Franz L. Catel
Arrival at Waterford (Engraving)
by Michael A. Hayes
Arriving at the End of a Stage (Engraving)
by M.A. Hayes
Francis Turner Artaxerxes (Engraving) print
William Hamilton August (Engraving) print
John Dearman Autumn (Engraving) print
Artaxerxes (Engraving)
by Francis Turner
August (Engraving)
by William Hamilton
Autumn (Engraving)
by John Dearman
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